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The basics

I received my MFA in printmaking from the University at Buffalo and my BFA in printmaking from SUNY Brockport.
After grad school I founded Pistachio Press (a boutique letterpress studio) and am currently a senior lecturer
at the University of Rochester. Utilizing printmaking and bookbinding techniques, my work focuses primarily
on memory and storytelling. In 2007 I was the recipient of the Constance Saltonstall Foundation Individual Artist Grant
in printmaking. My work has also been exhibited internationally and can be found in both institutional and private collections.

The fun stuff

I am a letterpress printer, artist, teacher, foodie who loves Mountain Dew and cheese doodles, dog-lover and indecisive decorator
(I paint every room at least three times before I find the right color). I have two dogs, Pancake Sue (a super mutt) and Cassie (a yellow lab).


"... Last year I had a very unusual experience. I was awake, with my eyes closed, when I had a dream.
It was a small dream about time."

-Annie Dillard

When I was a child my grandmother would tell me a story about the short, fat but beautiful Oma and the tall, handsome Opa. 
The tall, handsome Opa fell in love with some mermaids and swam out to sea with them. Eventually the mermaids left him and he
cried for help. The short, fat but beautiful Oma floated out to sea and saved the tall, handsome Opa and they lived happily ever after.
As I became an adult I learned that the story was really about my grandparent's relationship and my grandmother's ability to weave
together fantasy and real life into a sort of family lore.

Through storytelling, memory is created, affirmed, and passed between people. While memory is defined as retaining and recalling
past experiences, the act of recollection is fluid. Not all memories or stories are recalled perfectly. It is here that my work begins,
in a place where thoughts are patchy and stories are recreated. The stories I tell are fragmented and reveal only
a glimpse into the larger narrative.

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